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What is Vedic Astrology (Jyotish the Science of Light)?

Jyotish the science of light is one of the 5 limbs of the ancient Hindu Vedas and its sister science is Ayurveda which is the medical limb of the Vedas. This Vedic system of astrology and philosophy is over 5000 years old and is still alive and practiced throughout India. Some Indian universities still offer advanced degrees in Vedic astrology. One of our most prolific authors is Dr. K.S. Charak head of the department of surgery at the ESI  Hospital in new Delhi. Vedic astrology has taken hold on western shores and has evolved into a more variegated version in the United States. In India it is common practice to use Vedic astrology to find comparable individuals for marriage or determine ones career and its practice is firmly woven into its culture and religions.

Jyotish has a far richer and deeper flavor than Western Astrology and is unique because it not only uses the twelve zodiac system  but it has a deeper and more primordial level by using the 27 Lunar mansions or as labeled in ancient Sanskrit the 27 Nakshatras which color the interpretation of an individual with deeper meaning through it ancient heritage and lore. Western astrology uses a solar based movable tropical zodiac while Vedic astrology uses a sidereal fixed system that is Lunar based. Jyotish works on multiple levels with numerous methods at the astrologers disposal. Analysis starts with the Natal (Rashi) chart which calculates where the planets are located in the heavens at the time of birth and where that individual is located on the planet at the time of their birth. The planets then imprint the karmic destiny on that individual and as the planets move in transit throughout the life the fruits of karma continue to unfold. Vedic astrology provides more tools for variegated analysis employing more tools to confirm and corroborate a more colorful analysis of a person life, mind, soul and karmic destiny. Through the movements of the planets throughout the individuals life and  Dasha analysis a properly trained astrologer can cast light on the potential in a persons life.

The goal of a Vedic astrologer is to cast light on the natives life and help that person align their expectations  with their Karmas. A properly trained Vedic astrologer is never to expose problems to his client with accompanying that problem with a set of solutions and propitiation’s  (remedies). The goal of the Vedic astrolger (Jyotishi) is to shed light on the potential in the chart and where the native with find the least resistance to finding his Karmic destiny. Successful Vedic astrology must be accompanied by philosophy and the other branches of the Vedas  to maximize its full potential. With a sincere heart, enlightened mind blessed with the grace of God a Jyotishi can be blessed with the abilty to see the natives chart through the eyes of the divine. Enjoy your personal exploration with Vedic astrology and welcome to one of the greatest tools to understand the Divine Blueprint to the universe written in the heavens.

Anthony Pierpont